About - Dawir App

Dawir App, an exclusive marketplace that bridges the gap between book enthusiasts and those with cherished tomes to share.

Whether you're a student searching for academic resources or a collector on the hunt for vintage rarities, Dawir is the destination tailored just for you.

Features and Advantages
1. Diverse Categories for Varied Readers

Dawir provides a meticulously organized platform for two major categories:

Academic Platform: Ideal for university and college students, this category allows individuals to explore a vast collection of school textbooks

Vintage Haven: For the lovers of history and aged wisdom, the vintage books category offers a unique selection of old and rare reads

2. Eco-Friendly & Wallet-Friendly Solution

Students can find a new home for textbooks they no longer require, making the app a sustainable solution to reduce waste.

Those on a budget can benefit from gently-used textbooks at a fraction of the original price.

3. Collector's Delight

Both budding and seasoned collectors can dive into a world of vintage books, expanding their collection with treasured finds from various eras.

4. Preserved Privacy and Seamless Communication

Connect with other users under the protection of a nickname. With Dawir, your personal details remain confidential while you engage in conversations about your next potential transaction.

5. Trustworthy Transactions

- Dawir prides itself on secure payment gateways, ensuring each monetary exchange is safe and reliable.

- Sellers can rest easy, knowing their payment is assured. The funds are only released once the buyer confirms receipt of the book in satisfactory condition..

6. Dedicated Support and Dispute Resolution

Transactions don't always go as planned, and that's okay. The Dawir App Team stands ready to assist, mediating any disagreements and ensuring every user has a satisfactory experience.


In a world of fleeting digital interactions, books remain a tangible bridge to knowledge and history. Dawir is more than just an app; it's a community. Join us in our endeavor to keep the written word alive, one book at a time.

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